A ‘Knight’ to remember: Knights of Columbus suit up for annual auction and dinner to raise money for Dubuque charity

What is a ‘knight’ to remember? A typical response would be something along the lines of a night spent with good company over a meal or entertainment. While this definition describes a night to remember, it doesn’t explain what a ‘knight’ to remember is all about.

The Loras College Knights of Columbus are getting ready for one of their largest fundraisers of the year: “Night with a Knight.” This annual event, which has been going on for over a decade, raises money for a local charity important to the group’s cause. This year’s event will provide all who attend, male and female, a chance to experience the heart-pounding auction and bidding for the ultimate prize: a five-course meal and delightful conversation with a Knight of the winner’s choice later this month. The fun does not stop there, however- there is a surprise announcement awaiting those who attend the auction this year. Intrigued?

The auction will take place in the Pub at 6:15 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 26, and the dinner will be held two days later at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 28 at Nativity Church on Alta Vista Street. No worries if you cannot find the location; the Knights of Columbus are trained in escorting their auction winners to the dinner.

As for the Knights who were up for auction, names will be announced as we get closer to the momentous event, so check back with The Lorian in a couple weeks. It truly is a ‘knight’ to remember, so mark your calendars and do not miss out on being part of a Night with a Knight: where memories, charitable work, and good cheers come alive.

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