7 Year-Old Shaves Her Head for Friend with Cancer


DUBUQUE – Isabelle Puckett is only 7 years old.

So why did she shave her entire head?

“‘Cause Hazel has cancer and I wanna look like her.”

Hazel is one of Isabelle’s best friends. She’s currently going through cancer treatment.

But one day, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation hopes to wipe cancer from the world.

St. Baldrick’s is an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research.

Participants like Isabelle ask for donations and in turn, chop off their hair.

The bald heads show solidarity with those that lose their hair during cancer treatment.

The money raised goes straight to helping kids like Hazel one day be cancer-free, along with the other 300,000 kids diagnosed with cancer worldwide every year.

Isabelle personally raised $910.

A few months ago, I actually decided to sign up and raise money for St. Baldrick’s.

Inspired by the crazy ways that I saw participants raising money, and knowing that all my hair would be gone the next day, I told my friends and family that if they could help me raise just $50 more in the two days before the big event, I would bleach my hair.

And I did (check out the video above!).

In the end, I raised $576.

The participant who brought in the most money was the bald head who ran the event, Jacob Peterson.

Peterson is a junior at Loras who brought St. Baldrick’s to campus after participating in the organization at his former school, Valparaiso University.

This year, he personally raised just over $2,000.

Heading the event in its first time at Loras, Peterson explained why this fundraiser matters.

“There are two things that a fundraiser does: raise money and raise awareness,” said Peterson. “If we can do one of those things, it’s a good day. Today, we did both of those things, so it’s a great day.”

In its first year at Loras, the fundraiser brought in just over $9,600 for childhood cancer research.

Peterson went on to explain why these crazy people shave their heads.

“There’s always someone you know that’s effected by cancer.”

For Isabelle, it’s one of her closest friends.

“[I shaved my head] for my friend Hazel and for the kids who have cancer.”

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