Joe Biden- “We’re in a battle for the soul of our nation”

Dubuque, IA -Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden made a visit to Dubuque Wednesday night. 

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden speaking at event.

Biden addressed a large crowd of people during a snowy evening at the Loras College Fieldhouse.

He touched based on hot topics such as Immigration , Healthcare, Green New Deal, Gun Rights, and Women’s Rights.  Among the topics discussed, Biden highlighted the importance of a healthcare system for all.

“ When I talk about the soul of this nation. I’m also talking about being in a country where no one.. No one lies awake at night worrying about if they can afford healthcare. A country where the insurance company can save a parent and a sick child… that’s it you’ve run out of time you’ve lost your insurance that country has a troubled soul it’s about peace of mind and I was there when President Obama masked the affordable care act. I was one of those at that time that led to the transformation of the healthcare system in the law as we know it. I know how hard it is we did it without a single republican vote, but now it’s time to finish the job.”

Biden will remain in Iowa till the end of this week, he’ll be in Des Moines Friday for the Liberty and Justice Celebration.

Featured Photo Credit: Xavier Sanchez

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Asia Singleton is a senior at Loras from Chicago, IL. She currently works as a reporter and producer for LCTV News. Asia is majoring in Media Studies.

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