2021 Winter Arts Snow Sculpting Festival Underway

BY: Ramsey Schulz (LCTV)

This Wednesday at 8 A.M, three teams lined up in Washington Park to start the now annual Winter Arts Snow Sculpting Festival. Starting with a 288 cubic foot block of snow, three teams will be working on their own piece of art until Saturday at noon.

The event will be judged at the end of the three day period. The winner will get the chance to go up to Lake Geneva WI and represent the state at the 2022 U.S National Snow Sculpting Competition.

Even with this grand opportunity at their chilly fingertips, one of the teams participating named Perfect Strangers are simply trying to have as much fun as they can. Rachel Spurling of this team had this to say:

“It’s fun to see the community get involved and walk around and ask questions. This is my third year doing this so, yes this is a competition, but we’re all taking it light heartedly. We’re all friends here we share tools, we share advice. It’s just a fun experience, I enjoy doing something active in the winter and getting to see my friends again every year.”

If you’re curious as to what the sculptures look like, feel free to stop by the park and check it out yourself. Due to COVID-19, the public is encouraged to instead remain in their vehicles and observe the process by either driving by or parking in one of the open spots in front of the sculptors.

For more information on this event and how to vote on your favorites, feel free to check out this link which will take you to the Dubuque Museum of Art, and this link which will take you to the City of Dubuques website.

Want to see previous years winners? Click here to see, courtesy of the City of Dubuque Government YouTube channel.

February 11th 2021

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