2015 Dubuque School Board Elections

The Dubuque School Board elections took place this past Tuesday night.   This year, four spots are up for grabs with multiple citizens hoping to fill the spots.

Dubuque Resident and former teacher, Barbara Smeltzer, believes, “I think people should be very involved in any election and school board election is certainly no different than anything else.”

President of the Dubuque board, Mike Donohue, discussed the many successes and concerns for this upcoming year.  The board’s responsibilities ranges from renovations, class sizes, and funding.

Donohue remarks, “People remember the state of Iowa for being known for education. The challenge has been lately is that there has been a steady decline in the amount of funding being dedicated to public education”

Those involved in the city’s board stress the importance of getting involved and stressing that the impact of their decisions go beyond the classroom.

Donohue talks about bringing appeal to the city, “If we’re going to attract families to come to Dubuque, attract employees to join employers in the community we have to have a very good educational system.”

Smeltzer reminds us that although the local school board elections lack the glitz and glam of the national presidential elections, it still holds great importance.

“Who knows we may have a president sitting here in the city someplace and the decisions of that school board may well have affected his or her education.”


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