Innovative Teaching Methods in Dubuque

DUBUQUE- Everyday, Erin Diekman brings in her own unique form of show-and-tell.┬áDiekman began using a GoPro camera to capture her class’ activities throughout the day.

Diekman explains, “It’s kind of fun to look back, especially when I give it to the kids to wear Just what they’re talking about in their groups or what they are doing and seeing from their point of view as well as when I’m wearing it helps me with my teaching. It shows what I can change differently and self-reflect on.”

Students are also offered a variety of nontraditional options for seating such as crate seats that serve as desks, floor pillows, rugs, and even yoga balls. Using the traditional desk and chair is still an option, but students are free to choose to work where they are most comfortable.

Whether it be reviewing the day’s lesson or allowing students to learn in comfort, Diekman’s extra efforts have allowed her to find ways to better connect with her students.

One of Diekman’s students, Angelina Steinlage notes, “When I’m feeling sad or something, she’ll ask me to come over and I get to talk about it with her.”

Although Diekman expressed interest in how students will adapt back to traditional seating in future grades, her students seem far from concerned.

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