Hypnotist puts on mesmerizing show

On the evening of Friday, Oct. 12, hypnotist alumni, Jim Wand, came back to campus to perform a show. Wand has been performing shows all over the country for over 30 years and loves coming back home to do so for his fellow Duhawks. This was one of the many events CAB put on for this year’s homecoming week. His shows are always a crowd favorite. Many of the volunteers up on stage as well as members of the audience stated they had either been hypnotized by Wand or had seen his show before. When in the state of hypnosis, your body is placed in a very relaxed state. Wand mentions, “after just one hour of hypnosis, you will feel as if you have had a full eight hours of sleep.”

Junior Karlyn Budz was hypnotized at one of Wand’s previous shows here on campus. She stated, “when I was hypnotized two years ago, I had so much energy afterward. I would definitely recommend putting yourself out there and trying it out at least one time.” This time around Budz was in the audience watching Wand perform and said, “it’s a completely different experience watching a hypnotist show and actually becoming the person who is up on stage. It is always a fun time at Jim Wand’s show because whether you have seen him in person before or not, his shows change every time.”

Before the show, Wand hosted a mini Q&A session with the audience. The question of how he keeps his shows new and exciting every year was addressed. Wand commented, “before I go on tour every year, I sit down with a couple of college students to find out what the big craze of the year is, like Fortnite.” Wand mentioned that this is how he keeps people coming to his shows. Anyone who has gone to different hypnotists notice how all the shows start to look like one another. This is a way Wand likes to keep it new. He decided to meet with college students for good ideas of what to do because most of his tour consists of performances at different colleges. His current tour is 60+ days with 50+ different schools. This is a very intense schedule for him, but it is what he loves to do.

If you’d like to learn self-hypnosis, Wand said to visit his website, @https://www.hypnotism.com/self-hypnosis-guide/#fb0=1 for the free guide. Many other guides and videos of performances can be found on his website as well if you’d like to learn more.

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