Keep on Keeping on, For the Kids of Course

While it feels like the school year has just started rolling, Dance Marathon has wasted no time in starting events to raise money for the kids.

“For Loras College Dance Marathon’s 14th year, we wanted to kick things off as soon as possible and to brainstorm new event ideas in order to do more for the kids. We started in summer with a brand new event that we called Pups N’ Suds, a dog wash for anyone in the community, and our team had an absolute blast. Other fundraising events this year have been our car wash, welcome back game night, and of course our generous sponsor give back nights at Pancheros and Chick-Fil-A. We also had a family event at Grand Harbor’s Waterpark, and that also turned into a fundraising event, because community members were able to pay nearly 50% off tickets and 100% of those proceeds went to Loras College Dance Marathon, which honestly never happens. It was so heartwarming to see how generous they were, especially because this event is so much fun for the kiddos. Our most recent event was our FT5K Color Run/Walk.” said senior Brooke Boddicker, co-president of Dance Marathon.

Boddicker and the rest of the team are excited to see how many people are participating in Dance marathon this year.

“The main success DM has had so far this year is quite frankly seeing how many students are interested in the cause. When our team tells people about Dance Marathon, students respond so well to the mission, and it’s awesome seeing Duhawks care so much about others” says Boddicker. The team also has hopes for this year’s participants. Boddicker says, “The hopes for DM this year is simply to do more for the kids. We want to raise more awareness of how others can join the fight against childhood illness and be able to provide services that are crucial to a children’s hospital. Our fundraising goal for the year is to hit a $2 million milestone for LCDM’s existence.”

“Dance Marathon is important as it helps sick and injured kids in the Dubuque community to ensure a better life for them and their families.” said senior Abby Oldham, Dance Marathons Entertainment and Logistics Chair, describing the importance of Dance Marathon.

As for the rest of October, Dance Marathon will be hosting a series of events aimed to raise awareness and funds for the cause. There will be canning events on the 11th and 27th, a Panera Fundraiser on the 12th, and a pumpkin painting party as well.

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