The perfect combo: Peace and justice

This week we are celebrating Peace and Justice Week. It’s a time for reflection and understanding of the world we live in. Advocating for peace and not war. Advocating for nations to seek justice against human rights abusers. It’s a week where we Americans need to think about our role of understanding and potentially advocating for peace and justice among our communities, states, or at a national level.

This week Loras College celebrated Peace and Justice week in various ways. We have hosted several great speakers who’ve talked about a variety of topics. One being Paul Engler, who spoke last Friday, Sept. 21 about peaceful protesting and the social movements he’s been involved in. He also spoke on how to get involved or start a social movement in the 21 century, along with how social movements are revolutionizing the 21 century.

The second speaker was Associate Professor of Politics, Ben Darr from Loras College spoke on Monday, Sept. 24. He engaged with and critiqued the way pop culture teaches us to interpret the United States’ roles in the world.

Apart from speakers, the week also included other events such as the Hike to Help Refugees, a Nonviolent Communication Workshop, and a Concert Across America for Nonviolence. Additionally, a video and discussion about Fr. Ray Herman was held on Wednesday, Sept. 19 in the Spiritual Life Office.

“In a time of great divisions across our country and beyond, this week highlights the importance of dialogue and learning other people’s stories, leading to greater compassion and understanding,” said Director of Spiritual Life and Peace and Justice, Anastacia Dermott.

Many this week are learning about others who come from many different walks of life then they do. Expressing those ideas and thoughts, and allowing us to go out and change the world. Hopefully, Loras students can embrace this experience.

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