Tips with Trish: This IS the dream

Tricia Borelli (TheLorian)

Dear Trish, 

 I passed someone in the hall the other day and asked them how they were doing. The response was not uncommon. “Livin’ the dream” he said with a sarcastic tone. I laughed and walked away thinking about how much 2020 sucked and how 2021 has not exactly started out like I thought it would. It was not too long after that I heard the sad story about a friend who couldn’t return to school because of financial issues brought on by problems at home. Made me realize that for some people, I am, in fact, living the dream.  Perspective is an interesting thing. Maybe you should write about that. 


Livin’ the Dream 

Trish says, 

I happen to say this very statement often. Usually after a long night with kids who can’t sleep or don’t come home on time. Sometimes I have said it after a long day at work without lunch or even more than a few minutes to use the bathroom. Poor me, huh? Although I am all about embracing all your emotions or even having a pity party on some days; there is something to be said about perspective and counting your blessings. Thanks for bringing this to light at the beginning of the New Year. 

I’m sorry about your friend. He/she is not the only one who can’t return to school because of financial reasons. Some can thankfully still participate online but are missing the college experience because it makes more sense for them to stay at home with family and a steady job. Many of us are struggling to make ends meet financially. The economic state of the country, especially since COVID-19, makes the future quite uncertain.  

The need for a healthy perspective is more important now than ever.  We can’t connect with people in the same way because of COVID-19. Some of us live in fear for our health or that of our friends and family who are at higher risk. In addition to the virus, we have had a year of significant conflict among our own people who do not see each other as equals. Our country’s leadership has been in question and there is division like no other time in recent history. There is definitely much to unpack about the work that needs to be done in order to improve our situation. 

 I echo your acknowledgment that even though the American Dream may not be looking how it once did, we are still very blessed. The fact that we are here at Loras getting an education or working says something. This likely also means that most of us have our basic needs being met. This is unlike many in our world. In America, despite the division, we are still seen as the world’s most powerful nation because of our strong military, political and economic influence. Thankfully, we also have good reason to believe that the new COVID-19 vaccine will help us tackle the current pandemic which will help us get back to some sense of normalcy. Let us try not to forget that even though things could always be better, some people think our lives look pretty good right now.   



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