Tips With Trish

by Trish Borelli

Welcome Back!!

Hello all, and welcome to Loras or welcome back to campus! I just want to start out the year by introducing myself. I am Tricia Borelli and I am the Director of Counseling Services here at Loras. Elizabeth Ramos and I make up the Counseling Center on campus. Our offices are located next to the Health Center in the ACC.

A little bit about us….we both have Masters degrees in Counseling. Between the two of us, we have over 44 years of experience, 16 of those working directly with college students. We help students who are challenged by mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, those who have a history of emotional or physical abuse or neglect, and those who struggle with eating disorders or substance use problems.  We sit with students who are homesick, work through breakups, and just sit with students who are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of college life.

Please stop by and make an appointment, or check out Counseling Services on Inside Loras and make an appointment through email. Feel free to visit our Zen Den: it’s right off the Health Center lobby and is open to all students. It’s a place to relax and unwind during the day. We have soft music and coloring books. There is also a light therapy lamp for those of you that struggle with mood disorders or need a little more light during the winter months. This year we are starting a Mental Health Matters group on campus, where we will chat, practice mindfulness and learn healthy ways to cope with the stress of college life. These meetings are open to anyone and will be held during common time in the back of the CEL office on the fifth floor of ACC.

The Counseling Center also works closely with Health Services and other departments on campus as needed. Sessions are completely confidential: we need your written permission to contact others on campus or off campus. Services are paid for by your tuition and fees. In other words, services are FREE, so come and see us — don’t be shy. We want to meet you!

Going forward, these articles will be more directed to specific topics or questions that come from students on campus. If you have thoughts, questions or concerns about mental health or life at Loras, send them to me and I will include your question in my weekly Tips with Trish. Of course your name will be omitted and confidentiality will be maintained. Hope to hear from you!



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