The Importance of Acceptance

One of the most vulnerable things a human being can do is put themselves out there to the world. No matter what, it’s sometimes hard to be who you are, when society is striving to make you be something you’re not.

October is known as Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, and that is very important to me. A major thing I deal with on a daily basis are learning challenges. As someone who has had low self-esteem, this can be a hard task. It’s sometimes hard to look out at the world and see people living their lives because my mind immediately separates others from me. Sometimes it feels like having a learning difference is bad because I don’t “conform” to what society wants me to be. Honestly, I don’t think that’s OK, because every person on Earth has quirks and qualities that make them who they are. On top of that, my challenges aren’t all of who I am.

Loras has been great because I’m able to be myself. Yes, I have my challenges, but I have thankfully found friends here that accept me no matter what. That is what rocks about Loras: the people here are just so great. Loras also wants to support students in the best ways possible, no matter what the circumstances are. Without the support Loras has provided, I really don’t know where or who I would be today. The Duhawk community is the coolest community I’ve ever been a part of.

What I’ve learned from having to deal with learning challenges is accepting others for who they are, no matter what. As a society, we sometimes try to put others down because they don’t conform to the things that are thought to be the “norm”. That’s not OK, because we’re all different. Each person brings something unique to the world. This is what I’ve learned in the past few years of my life. Without each of our unique qualities, the world wouldn’t be as fun. I challenge those reading this article to really strive to see every human being they meet as an individual, and not as someone who has to conform to society.

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Audrey Peterson is a writer for The Lorian.

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