The Gift of Giving

As the holiday season approaches and giving is in the air, some are concerned about what to buy their loved ones. A simple task for some can be a burn-out for many. Our fellow Duhawks have a few words of advice to share about figuring out the right gift for our loved ones.

Brigid Flaherty, 2020 says, “I usually give my parents a craft of some sort, because I am a college kid and it’s in my means to do so. I enjoy making ornaments and relating it to something specific that happened that year. And crafts are also budget friendly too!” In my opinion, creating a craft is a great way to show how much a person means to you. Relating the gift to a specific memory adds a warm-hearted tone to the present.  Making a craft about a specific memory will give a personal touch to the gift, and bring back cherished moments throughout the other person’s life. Another piece of advice when all else fails would be to revert to need-based gifts. A water bottle would be a good example of buying a practical gift that you know the other person will use. If it needs a personal touch then try buying a water bottle of their favorite color, T.V. show or video game. A water bottle is a great go-to gift, but a lot of the time it can be about the presentation of the gift.

Luke Pranger 2021 says,”Because we already know the whole Santa secret, my dad makes us do a scavenger hunt or figure out a special code for our presents on Christmas day. He will use a series of codes and sometimes use numbers from Bible verses relating to each of my siblings. Each code is a hint to the next present and so on.” Giving the family an experience and sending them off to figure out a code for their present(s) is an enlightening way to unravel gifts. I agree cracking a code puts a new spin on putting gifts under the tree, and gives an uplifting experience for the family. In addition, food also gives an uplifting tone and brings people together. Taking the time to cook your loved ones favorite dish or buy their favorite food will show how much you know and appreciate who they are.

Rahel Nshimirimana 2022 says, “I think making a meal is a great way to show that you appreciate your family by taking the time and effort to make something that they enjoy. And you create an environment for everybody to talk. I do it because I know it helps everyone have a great start to their day… I go about the meal by incorporating their favorite foods in the mix. Like my little sister really likes chocolate chip pancakes… And sometimes there’s things that everybody likes to eat. Sometimes I just make sure I make a lot, so there’s plenty for everyone to have.” Giving time and energy to loved ones this holiday season will be the most precious gift of all. Instead of spending time stressing over on what the perfect present may look like, I like the idea of creating something original and something only you can give the other person. I think a good reminder would be to not get so caught up in having the perfect Christmas day or perfect holiday season, but to enjoy the moments of being surrounded by loved ones. Lastly, and most importantly, let us take the time to give gratitude to our Lord and Savior, along with the ones we call family.

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