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Kelsey Lansing (TheLorian)

Growing up, my parent’s home was filled with all sorts of plants, both inside and outside, our house was beautifully green. My mom was the one with a green thumb and could keep anything alive. Unfortunately, I did not inherit these genes and struggle to keep most plants alive, even though I love having them.

Up until recently, I have never been able to keep a plant alive for more than a couple weeks. With a little research I was able to learn not only how to take care of certain plants and which ones are easier than others, but also the vast benefits they can have on people and one’s environment.

Over time, I learned that there is a lot that can go into taking care of plant and there is a lot that can go wrong. When starting to pick out houseplants, my “MO” was typically going for the “pretty ones”. However, after a couple weeks, whether they were indoor or outdoors, they always died. So after my failed attempts, I started off again with plants that were more suited to the environment of my house and the level of commitment they required.

In doing my own research I learned more about the types of soil and water plants need, but also the importance of repotting and ensuring the proper amount of sunlight. Who knew some plants could be so picky? With a little help from the internet, I am now able to keep a small collection of plants alive. Below are some of my favorites, that I have found to be easy to take care of, pet safe, and overall beneficial to any space.

  1. The Snake Plant, also commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is one of my personal favorites that comes in many varieties. This is by far the easiest plant I have found to take care of, as it can live in any light and with very little water. So, if you’re like me and forget to water plants, this one is for you. Although they are moderately toxic to pets, I have found that mine leave it alone. Apart from that, this plant is one recognized by NASA for its air purifying abilities.
  2. Pothos is a plant I was actually gifted, but have grown to love since it’s another easy one to take care of. This type of plant is best when the soil is kept moist and it has lots of sun, just not direct. Pothos can come in a variety of colors between green, yellow and white, but overall it is a nice viney non-flowering plant. While it is toxic to pets, it is an easy plant to keep alive for dorms.
  3. Although there are many types of ferns, the Boston Fern has been my go-to. It is very likely that you have seen one of these hanging on someone’s front porch at some time or another. With that being said this plant thrives in the hot and humid Iowa summers. Although it does take up a quite a bit of space as it grows, this plant is another that helps purify the air of your home, office, dorm or apartment and is non toxic to pets. This plant does not like too much sun, and thrives in high humidity and moisture.
  4. Lastly, Bamboo is a new one to my list, but I am loving it, especially due to the designs that can be made with the stems. This plant is super easy to take care of, but can be picky. I have found that too much sun or the wrong water will start to turn the leaves yellow. My luck at first with Bamboo was not so good, but after learning a bit more, they bounced back. The key is to keeping the plant well-watered and out of too much sun.

While highlighting some of my favorite plants, I did mention some of the benefits of having them in your home. All together according to WebMD there are a long list of benefits to keeping plants around. The list goes beyond just being air purifiers, because they also act as a natural mood lifter and stress reliever. In addition to that certain plants can also have effects on healing time and lessen effects of asthma by removing allergens. If you are someone who watch Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll get to see how they put plants into use in the hospital! Happy planting!

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Kelsey Lansing is the Excecutive Editor for The Lorian.

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