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What are you doing on the weekend of April 13-15? Don’t have plans? Perfect! Come join us for a weekend of community, lots of yummy food, and a break from the daily grind that is college. Sounds awesome, right? If so, then this semester’s Antioch retreat is for you.

If that opening paragraph didn’t get you running to the Spiritual Life Office (ACC 460) or the mail room to grab your forms, I would keep reading.

When I first came to Loras, I was a bit scared, as many of us were that first day of our first-year. I really didn’t know a lot of people and I didn’t have my parents there every day to help me through it. I was searching for those people who had my back and would help make college the experience I wanted it to be. Where was I supposed to go?

I knew that there was this retreat coming up (yes, Antioch), and I wanted to go. I did retreats in high school, so I figured that I knew exactly what to expect. Boy, was I wrong. This weekend helps you focus on what’s important. It gives you a chance to really think about who you are and where you want to be on a completely different level.

It gives you the community to help you grow. Don’t worry, you won’t have to speak publicly about your life. They give you a group to help you grow and verbalize your thoughts. This was probably the best part I could have asked for. They were there for me, they let me be myself, and they were there every step of my growth. It made the experience for me.

Don’t think just because you’ve never been on a retreat before, or that since you may not be close to God, or even if you aren’t Catholic, that you aren’t welcome. Let me debunk that myth right here and right now. We want everyone and anyone who can come because it is such a great experience. It’s the chance to meet different people that you wouldn’t have even known about with this experience. It takes you away from “the real world” (which I know as college students we are actively avoiding like the plague) for a few days and presents you with a judgement-free, completely supportive environment that, honestly, all of us could use more of in our lives.

To sign up, simply fill out one of the forms located outside of Spiritual Life and the mail room. Return it to the Spiritual Life office. You’re set! Remember, however, it is a first-come, first-serve basis, so even if you’re just thinking you want to go, sign up. Registrations are due on March 22. Trust me, you won’t regret it. For those who have been on Antioch before and want another retreat opportunity, Beyond Antioch is for you, and that information will be coming out soon.

Take a moment and consider this retreat experience. If you have any questions about it at all, feel free to reach out to Debbie Gross at Debbie.Gross@loras.edu, Anna Nielson at Anna.Nielsen@loras.edu, or Blake Derby at Blake.Derby@loras.edu.

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Kayla Thompson is the News Editor for The Lorian.

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