Surviving the impossible:

A guide to taking an 8 a.m.

Even though we do our best to avoid them, the dreaded 8 a.m. classes sometimes slip into our schedules. Whether it’s struggling to wake up early or being able to retain information, these classes can seem like your worst nightmare. But have no fear—they can be much more manageable (and a lot less torturous) than you think. Though we all wish they didn’t exist, we must accept our fates. Here are some survival tips to get you through all your 8 AM struggles.

Set your alarm

Okay, I know this is obvious, but hear me out. Once you know when you want to wake up, set your alarms so that they repeat every M/W/F or T/TH, etc. This setting ensures that you won’t forget to set your alarm the night before and guarantees you don’t accidentally set it for p.m. instead of a.m., something we’ve all regrettably done in the past. It’s also helpful to set multiple alarms if you’re the type of person to constantly hit snooze or close your eyes for “5 more minutes.” Find what works best for you and roll with it.

Prepare the night before

Before you go to bed, take just a few minutes to pick out your outfit for the next day. Doing so will significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning, which also means more time for sleep. Along with your clothes, don’t forget to pack your backpack with the necessary books and notebooks you need for the day. Again, this will save time as well as ensure that you have the proper materials as people are often half-asleep or in a rush when trying to get everything together. It may seem like a hassle, but it is definitely worth it.

Find your pick-me-up

For most students, coffee is what gets them through the day. With an early morning class, it is important to find something that wakes you up, boosts your mood, and helps you come out on top of all your classes. Though the caffeine in coffee, tea, and energy drinks are a common go-to, there are other great options like smoothies and fresh fruit. Also, an empty stomach makes it a lot tougher to focus and retain information, so make sure to grab a granola bar or something simple to go along with your coffee or smoothie.

Play some music

As you’re getting ready in the morning and walking to class, turn on some of your favorite jams (as long as it doesn’t wake up your roommates). Music will help energize you and improve your outlook for the rest of the day. Maybe even throw some dancing in there. Music can boost everyone’s mood, even those who have class at 8 a.m.

Embrace the early mornings

At first glance, having an 8 a.m. can be daunting and downright awful, but once you accept it, you can begin to appreciate the early mornings. Waking up earlier means being able to get more done in a day. That being said, you will be less likely to procrastinate because you’ll want to get to sleep earlier. Sleeping in has its benefits and can be totally necessary on some days, but once you get in the schedule of waking up early and having more time in the day, you’ll never want to go back. Even though we don’t always love having an 8 a.m., don’t forget about all their hidden benefits.

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