Spring cleaning: Benefits of organizing

Dominique Jeter (TheLorian)

Many people do spring cleaning simple to go through things; whether that’s family items that have been passed down, storage containers and totes, or simply just an over full and junky garage. Spring cleaning also consists of simply cleaning the apartment, condo, house, etc. There are numerous ways that you can go about spring cleaning and possible even make some money off what is now classified to you as “junk.” Some of the ways that you can go about spring cleaning is to start room by room. You never want to overwhelm yourself with doing too much at one time.  

My spring cleaning routine is very simple. I typically go through all the things that I’ve used and haven’t used within an area. The things I have not used over time I will try to give it away, and if not I just sell it on the Facebook Marketplace or to Plato’s Closet if it’s clothing. Remember: everything has some type of value to it whether it is new or old!  

If you are into cleaning here are some cleaning supplies that I use when doing my own spring cleaning. Always have some type of wipes on handy. There are some areas that wouldn’t seem to accumulate a lot of dust, but they do. A broom and dustpan are a must when doing any type of cleaning. One you sweep a floor, make sure you have that mop bucket and a mop ready. It is always a surprise to see how dirty your floors really are. The same goes for if you have carpet, simply use a shampoo cleaner which can typically be rented through places like Lowes or Menards.

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