Spiritual Life at Loras

Loras is a place where people are able to learn and grow as individuals. Loras’ identity as a Catholic school doesn’t mean your spiritual well-being doesn’t matter if you aren’t Catholic. You matter, and Loras cares. Your spiritual health shapes your identity so you can grow as a person. Spirituality doesn’t always mean religion — it means growth. Spirituality is when your soul is at peace with itself. Loras respects all indigenous thoughts, perspectives, and people. As a community, Loras is a safe place to grow.

Spirituality on Schedule

In scripture, Jesus says: “The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains.”

Being spiritual requires a regular schedule. You can’t just be spiritual whenever you feel like it, and then be completely optimistic that you will grow spiritually. Spirituality expands over time. Campus life is a little different than life back home or outside of school. In college, you are surrounded by new peers with different perspectives and opinions than you. When confronted with these differing opinions, you can either alter your beliefs or remain at peace with your own perspective.

Loras is not only a school; it is a community. In the Loras community, you’ll most likely find an in-group who both support and enhance your beliefs and standards.

Feeding the Body and Soul

Nourishing your body actually has a lot to do with your spirituality; what you eat helps your brain function and improve your mood. For example, eating breakfast is an important part of the day. It gets your brain “working” and ready to go. With the knowledge that food affects mood, a spiritual person wanting to preserve inner peace would want to maintain a healthy diet. Being on healthy diet can maintain your spirit and mental health. All healthy foods can help cleanse your body — fruits, vegetables, whole grains…basically any healthy foods!

Spirituality on campus

People achieve spirituality with inner peace. By focusing on the well-being of the human soul, one might realize the concept is way bigger than ourselves. Spirituality is beyond religion, and some people get confused about that. If you want more direction on your spirituality, there are some groups on campus for students who want to focus on their spirituality. These include the Interfaith Program, yoga and meditation in the Zen Den (located in the Health Center).

There are many spiritual activities you could do alone as well: walking, jogging, running, a hobby or something you really love to do. Anything to get your mind off stressful things and relax you!

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