Songs you probably forgot about – Until I reminded you

By Calasandra Spray (TheLorian)

Windows down, bass up, an endless stretch of road ahead of you. Over the radio Harry Styles melodic voice starts playing “Watermelon Sugar” and off key, you belt out alongside him. For generations hit songs have come and gone. In the shower, in the car, at parties, or alone in our bedrooms, captivated audiences have rolled with the wave of what’s new and hot in the music industry. Just as quickly as new songs roll in, old songs fade out and oftentimes are forgotten. In a blast from the past, here’s a few songs you probably forgot about, until I reminded you. 

Today we listen to Beyonce’s newest hits as they’re released, but before she was a star on her own she was a member of Destiny’s Child. Popular in the early 2000’s before their split in 2005, this American girl group released hits “Say My Name” and “Independent Woman” in 1999 and “Bootylicious” in 2002. “Say My Name” reached number seven on Billboard’s list of 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs, and won two Grammy awards in 2001. “Independent Woman” was first released in their “Charlie’s Angels” album but was so popular it was also added to their “Survivor” album. Another hit from Beyonce during this time was her mix with Jay-Z: “Crazy In Love.” This song was a number one hit and won three awards in the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. 

Another popular girl group you may have forgotten about is TLC. Wildly popular in the 1990’s, TLC had nine top hits in the Billboard’s Hot 100. “No Scrubs”, released in 1999 was TLC’s third number one single. Today it is their best selling song. 

Nostalgic music for all who were angsty teens in the 2000’s are the recently broken up group All American Rejects. Hit songs like, “Swing Swing,” “Dirty Little Secret,” and “It Ends Tonight” were an essential part of playlists. “Swing Swing” peaked at number eight in the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks. “Dirty Little Secret” was released a few years later and reached top ten in Billboard’s Hot 100 and then kept climbing to reach the number one spot in Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs. 

Finally, yet importantly is the singer Avril Lavine with hit songs “Sk8er Boi,” “Girlfriend” and “Complicated” all released in 2002. In the United States “Sk8er Boi” reached 72 on Billboard’s Hot 100 at first but climbed to its peak at number ten becoming her second consecutive top-ten hit. It reached much farther out of the country, topping at number three in Australia, number two in New Zealand, and number one in Brazil. “Girlfriend” topped the Billboard charts at number five in its debut and soon became Avril’s first song to hit number one in the charts. Scores of songs have peaked charts and silently faded away. As you listen to “Watermelon Sugar,” “WAP,” and “Blinding Lights,” take time to remember old favorites. Flip on the radio, make or find a playlist, however you listen to music and remember these (or other) forgotten top hits. Listen to them with windows down, bass up, and an endless stretch of road ahead of you.

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