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Kelsey Lansing (TheLorian)

As we slowly come out of winter, learning the benefits the sun can have on people can prove to be rewarding. While some people may think soaking up a little vitamin D won’t do much, I beg to differ. The values of the affects the sun can have on the human body is remarkable and can range from helping skin to balancing hormones to easing mental illnesses. As spring pushes on read below for some benefits, tips and products to consider.

Growing up, I was always taught to be aware of the damage sun rays can have on our skin.  But with a healthy amount of vitamin D in our system, one of the top benefits appears to be with our skin. After a long winter, being able to be outside in the sun can work some wonders. For those who suffer from things like eczema or acne, a little UV radiation acts as a treatment to heal those with these skin conditions. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind moderation, safety, and consulting with a dermatologist.

It is not all too surprising that skin is not the only part of the body that can benefit from a few minutes of sun each day. Another reason to catch some rays is to boost the production of serotonin, which is a hormone released from the brain. According to, this specific hormone is commonly associated with boosting a person’s mood and helping one feel more calm and focused. It is due to this that when people have limited sun exposure the production of serotonin can dip. As a result, those people are then more at risk to have seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Especially during the winter, it can be incredibly difficult for people to obtain a healthy amount of vitamin D through sunlight. With a little help from technology, trying to focus on getting enough sun just got easier. There are two different types of artificial sunlight that have been on the rise, wake up lights and sun lamps. Both of these artificial lights can help with a variety of issues and mimics sunlight to help keep people on schedule and combat certain hormone deficiencies. 

First, sun lamps have been proven to aid those who suffer from SAD, depression, anxiety and so on. These artificial lights help your body create a natural mood-boosting hormone, serotonin. Apart from that, light therapy has also been known to help people with a variety of other health issues ranging from sleep disorders to dementia according to If you are looking for an at home version, there are a lot of options in various different price ranges.

Moving on, one of the newer trends in artificial light comes in the form of wake up lights. These are essentially alarm clocks that slowly increase in brightness when it is time to wake up. In an article written by Samuel Tan, a lifestyle author, it lists the various benefits that wake up lights can have. Essentially, these are alarm clocks that gently and naturally wake the body and have proven to help with our bodies internal clock. Apart from that these lights also help regular our sleep cycles and as a result can lead to more restful sleep, more energy or productivity and feeling refreshed and happy.

There is no shortage to the benefits sunlight and vitamin D can have on our bodies, whether it be physical or mental. With that being said though, it is extremely important to keep safety precautions in mind, and consult with a healthcare professional.

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Kelsey Lansing is the Excecutive Editor for The Lorian.

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