Preparing for Thanksgiving with the family

Avery Wickersham (TheLorian)

Though it’s hard to believe, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Whether students are heading home or staying on campus, there are a lot of things to remember and some ways to prepare for Thanksgiving break.

One of the biggest things to remember about Thanksgiving break is that some professors will assign work for break, or there will be projects due right after break. The best way to keep up with assignments is to write them out in a planner or even on a piece of paper. Separate assignments by class, color-code them, and use them as a checklist. When an assignment is finished, cross it off the list. Make sure to include all of the due dates with each assignment—this ensures a system to prioritize the assignments due either over break or right after break. Enjoy the break, but don’t get behind in classes!

If students live in campus housing (and even for the students that live off-campus), it’s important to prepare each room for departures. Most specifically, clean food and trash out of dorms and apartments. At this point in the semester, food might be abandoned in students’ fridges, so it’s a smart idea to go through refrigerators and cabinets for anything that might, or has, gone bad. Remember to also take out all trash, unplug everything from the walls, and straighten up rooms for a pleasant return to campus.

Some people are flying or driving long distances to get home, so make sure to pack everything before departing. Pack toiletries (if flying, ensure all toiletries are under three ounces), multiple pairs of clothes, a winter jacket if necessary, medications, and school work. It’s best to make a list and cross items off as they’re packed.

Being home can often be a stressor, so just try to take some deep breaths and mentally prepare oneself for being home. This is a very hard time for everyone—we’re all at an age where we’re figuring out the world, and it’s hard to go from having freedom to going home to different rules. There are plenty of resources to talk to if one is feeling nervous to go home: the Counseling Center is open and many professors are willing to talk to their students. If one can’t get an appointment with the Counseling Center, try emailing student advisors or even talking to a trusted friend.

A break is coming up soon, Duhawks. Keep up the good work, and have safe travels at the end of the month!

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