Preparing for allergy season

By Harriet Siegrist

As if we aren’t facing enough health problems, as the weather warms up and spring draws closer, so does allergy season. Seasonal allergies have their way of sneaking up on you, but this season take a few precautions and stop allergies right in their tracks. Say goodbye to sneezing and watery eyes and take charge of your health.

Know the cause

The biggest trigger when it comes to spring is pollen. Pollen are tiny grains produced by plants. When they release their pollen into the air, they are trying to fertilize other plants. Unfortunately, these small grains often end up near our noses, causing our bodies to react. Your immune system goes into defense mode and tries to attack the allergens. As your body fights back, histamines are released into your blood. These histamines are what triggers your body to have symptoms like a runny nose and itchy eyes. Keep in mind that pollen is capable of traveling miles, so even if you don’t see a plant near you, there can still be pollen in the air.

Watch the pollen reports

Just like with the weather, some days are better than others and that’s why it is important to monitor the pollen reports. Thankfully there are many ways to access them. One popular app for seeing the pollen report for the day is WeatherBug. From giving you the pollen index for the day to showing you which triggers are dominating, the app will be sure to keep you updated. If you’re not a fan, there are other apps you can try so search the app store to find what one works best for you.

Change up your diet

As surprising as it may sound, making a few changes in your diet could help with your seasonal allergies by keeping the sneezing at bay. The next time you’re out at the cafeteria for a meal, stock up on vegetables and add a fruit or two to your plate as well. Fruits and vegetables are well knowing for being powerful sources of antioxidants. Lucky for you, these antioxidants act as natural chemicals that are capable of fighting the inflammation that is caused by allergic reactions.

Try out Green Tea

Aside from adding an apple and carrot sticks to your daily diet, you can also try out a new drink to fight the symptoms. Green tea is a power drink that is filled with natural antihistamines. These antihistamines are also able to assist you in your allergy fight. Hot or cold, the benefits are all there in the cup. If you suffer from a scratchy throat however, opt for a hot cup of green tea to soothe the scratchiness and to also loosen mucus.

Break out the sunglasses and baseball cap

Your baseball cap and sunglasses are good for more than just protecting yourself from the sun and its UV rays. Wearing these items will also protect your face from pollen. These two items can efficiently act as a block and limit the amount of pollen that gets into your eyes when you’re outside

Restock your Medicine Cabinet

If you’re not convinced that these precautions will be enough to stop your runny nose, you may want to stock up your medicine cabinet with some allergy relief medication. Over the counter medicines such as Claritin and Zyrtec are great to take when seasonal allergies start flaring up. If you’ve tried out everything and still have symptoms, you may want to talk to your doctor and see if a prescribed medication is better for you.

With all of these tips in mind, you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with a little less annoyance of allergies.

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