More Tea Please

If maintaining a healthy lifestyle is your goal, then take a seat at a table or booth in the café and consider the benefits of drinking more tea.

Tea has an abundance of benefits that keeps the heart, body and mind healthy. The antioxidants and herbs found in tea strengthen the immune system, keep teeth looking pearly white, protect the bones, and calms the mind. In addition, replacing tea with coffee will boost ones mood and keep the energy levels up throughout the day.

As flu season approaches and the weather declines to the biting low 40’s, keeping a strong immune system helps battle reoccurring illnesses and diseases. Tea cleanses the digestive system as well as fights off bacteria. Scientists say that green tea is the most beneficial drink for the body because it detoxifies the body of toxins and aids against the spreading of diseases. However, the magic of green tea does not stop there. Along with detoxifying the body, green tea also posses L-theanine, an amino acid capable of boosting brain power, thus increasing mental alertness and concentration as well.

If one has ever experienced symptoms of anxiety, live with anxiety, or are in a stressful situation, simply he or she should simply grab a cup of tea. The magic L-theanine chemical helps reduce stress, improves the quality of sleep, heightens mental activity and reduces the negative side effects of caffeine.

Tea is also known to have less caffeine content than coffee. The caffeine content in coffee is also more detrimental to our health when compared to the amount of caffeine found in tea. Tea gives us a slower release of caffeine, and leads to more lifts in energy levels. Tea allows us to maintain a balanced amount of energy through the day rather than raising our energy for a short time and then crashing.

Tea also prevents cavities and bad breath. It lowers the acidity of saliva and dental plaque, and can be a useful tool for preventing cavities. Tea also kills the microbes that make our mouth reek and outperforms mints, gum, and basil leaves as well. So, next time you want to impress that special someone, drink some tea. Better yet, try oral care products that contain green tea.

Tea helps build up bone strength and prevents bone loss due to the herb Moringa, a special herb found in South Asia. There is a specific tea called Moringa tea and it contains more calcium than milk, as well as iron, vitamin A and K. Chocolate milk, is a favorite among many, but Moringa provides an extra supply of nutrients for those bones without the added sugars of processed milk.

Considering the health benefits of tea, make sure to think twice before picking up that coffee, because jumping to tea is a healthy replacement and will help increase brain power for finals.

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