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What is something you want to obtain in life? A goal you want to achieve? Is one of your goals graduating? What’s your dream job after graduation? Manifestation can help you get there. 

Manifestation is “an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea”. Basically manifestation is turning an idea into a reality. This follows the law of attraction which states like attracts like. The key here is not in the thought process actually making something happen though. Manifestation occurs because when you believe that you are capable of achieving something you’re more likely to put in the necessary work to achieve it. Instead of being a thought conjuring a reality it is a thought changing your mindset to create a reality. 

There are several easy steps to manifesting your future. First, picturing what you want. If you have conflicting ideas of what you want then manifestation won’t work because you’re not sure exactly what you’re asking the universe for. Starting with a list is typically helpful in choosing a goal. Write down every one of your goals, pick a few that align with each other and focus on those or the other ideas will interfere and muddle your thoughts.

 After you know what you want, you have to visualize achieving it. This could be done through meditation or if you’re better able to visualize tangibly then make a vision board. Having this visualization will help because your mind will begin to believe that you can achieve it. Instead of being an abstract thought of something you would like to achieve you’ve now set the foundation to achieving it. 

Then comes the work. As stated at the beginning of the article, manifestation won’t make something happen just because you think about it. However, generating positive emotions about your goal and creating affirmations that make achieving your goal seem achievable will help get you into the mindset to take steps in achieving your goal. Each task that brings you closer to your goal will help cement your manifestation because your end goal is ever nearing. 

This technique helps people to achieve what they desire by providing the passion and drive in everyday life that help us take steps in the direction of our goal. For instance, if you’ve been manifesting that you will graduate and you can see the diploma in your hand with a cap on your head, then writing a paper seems a lot easier than if you only focus on the paper. It’s not about the tasks it’s about where the tasks are taking us. 

If you believe in yourself, good things will come.

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