Keeping up with allergies

By Harriet Siegrist

As if a pandemic wasn’t enough health issues to face, as the weather cools down, allergy season is quickly approaching. Seasonal allergies may seem inevitable, but with some precautions, you may be able to stop allergies before they get to you. Let’s put an end to all the sneezing and fight allergies.

The cause of allergies

Like spring allergies, pollen may be the cause of your fall allergies. Pollen are the grains that are produced by plants and when pollen is released into the air, it may end up near our noses instead of the intended plants it was going for. When it gets near our noses, our bodies tend to react, and your immune system will try to attack the allergens near you. While your body is fighting the allergens, histamines are being released into your blood. This release is why your body begins to have symptoms like runny noses. Aside from plant pollen, there are other causes to allergies. It can range from warm weather staying longer than usual, leaves on the ground, especially when you’re raking them, or it can even come from school. Within a classroom, there can be a few triggers like chalk dust.

Keep an eye on the pollen reports

Checking the weather forecast isn’t the only thing you should look at in the morning. It is important to monitor the pollen reports as well. A popular app that can track pollen is WeatherBug. The app can even give an idea of what allergens will be highest for the day, incase only a few of the common pollens trigger you. If the app doesn’t suit your needs quite right, there are plenty of apps to be found on the app store or Internet.

Try a new drink

Who doesn’t love to try a new drink sometimes? Even better, this drink may be the thing you need to stop your allergies. The next time you feel sniffles coming on, try sipping on green tea. Green tea is a drink filled with natural antihistamines. These will help your body fight allergies and limit your symptoms. You may even be able to ditch your morning coffee and swap it out for green tea, as it also has caffeine in it. Although hot or cold are both great options, if you feel a scratchy throat, a hot tea may be best for soothing the scratchiness, as well as loosen mucus stuck in your throat.

Changing diets

Fueling your body with the best foods for you is important. Although it may sound odd to do so, switching your diet up could limit your allergies. Increasing your fruits and vegetables intake is a great way to add more antioxidants to your diet. These are going to act as natural chemicals that will fight inflammation.

Reevaluate your medicine cabinet

Sometimes your body needs a little help from medicine to get you to feeling better. Over the counter medicines like Claritin and Zyrtec are great medicines to use for flare ups. If over the counter isn’t strong enough, consider talking to your doctor about getting a prescription to see if it is better for your allergies.

Now that you’re all prepared for allergies and have these tips at hand, go out and enjoy this fall knowing you’ll be keeping pesky allergies at bay.

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