In the shoes of an immigrant

Loras College will be hosting an Immigration Simulation on Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 7-9 p.m. in Ballrooms A and B in the ACC. The Senior Breitbach class came up with the idea to put on the simulation particularly after news broke that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is in danger of being terminated. This raised concerns and questions about the vulnerability of people who came to the U.S. in search of a better life, and the resulting consensus was to invite the Loras community to learn more about the immigration process.

The essence of this simulation is to help recognize the difficulties facing people who go through the U.S. immigration process by giving individuals different roles with the objective of successfully becoming a citizen. The emphasis here is on human dignity, on the recognition that all people deserve right treatment, love and respect simply because they exist as a human being. It’s about understanding, in a very small way, what it would be like to not have the privilege of being born an American citizen. That being said, this is a structured and planned event, and while it attempts to resemble the immigration process, just because one goes to this event does not mean that one understands what it is like to immigrate to the United States. This is a way for students to grow in empathy and knowledge, but it’s important to remember that while someone might be fulfilling a “role” during this event, for many people, this is their reality. They don’t get to go back to their residence hall after two hours. By having a respectful and open mind, participants will be able to best enter into the simulation.

Spaces are limited and filling up fast, so if there is any interest in attending the immigration simulation please RSVP. Three ways to accomplish this are to find any of the fliers posted around campus and scan the QR code, respond to the email from Kathryn Bailey, or find the event on Facebook under Immigration Simulation. The Senior Breitbach class is sincerely grateful to all faculty, alumni, staff and students who are giving their time to bring this event to Loras College. The class is hoping for a turnout that demonstrates the campus-wide commitment to the Loras College dispositions of active learning, reflective thinking, ethical decision-making and responsibly contributing.

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Krissy Juarez is a writer for The Lorian.

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