How to stay active indoors

By Marion Edwards (TheLorian)

Imagine this. You’re sitting down in your coziest clothes with your favorite snack, and drink watching the Bachelorette for the 12th straight hour.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to stay inside, but the issue lies within the 12 hours that you’re sitting down. COVID-19 has closed many gyms, parks, and workout facilities which has made staying active a challenge for many people.

Online classes, managing work schedules, and having families to take care of during the day can create high levels of stress on your mind and body. To reduce some of that stress, finding ways to stay active whether you’re indoors or socially-distanced outdoors is important to maintaining some stability in your daily functions. 

There are many ways to stay active indoors, many of them are simple tasks and activities that give your body the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Here are a couple of different ways to stay active while indoors: 

  1. Stretching/Yoga. One of the best ways to stay active indoors is to stretch or do yoga. There are many fun applications on your phone, laptop, or virtual classes for people wanting to try yoga out for the first time. Whether you’ve been sitting at your desk doing online classes or laying down on the couch for 12 hours, stretching helps to prevent back pain, reduces stress, and gives you more energy. 
  1. Body Weight Workouts. As an avid runner, staying active is very important. One of the best ways I was able to stay active indoors over quarantine was body-weight workouts. Many websites and applications such as, Peloton, Myfitnesspal, and ‘Girls Gone Strong’, are great tools to use for body-weight workouts. Even applications such as Instagram have many free bodyweight workouts. 
  1. Stair/Jump Rope Workout. If you have stairs or a jump rope in your home, they can build endurance, burn fat, and tone your body. If you have a jump rope, put a timer on for 5 minutes, jump rope for 30 seconds, take a 30 second break, and continue this process for 5 minutes. As you build endurance, you can expand the time period from 5 to 20 minutes. If you have access to stairs, either run or walk up the stairs. You can perform this 2-3 times and build up to more sets as your endurance grows.
  1. Build a Fort. A fun activity while staying indoors is building a fort from whatever you can find in your home/dorm. This can be an activity that allows you to be creative with whatever resources you can find in your room and create a new study space for yourself.
  1. Virtual Workouts with Friends. As boring as it can be to workout indoors, working out with friends may help you to stay motivated to workout. Following social distance guidelines and safety regulations, creating virtual workouts with friends is safe, fun, challenging, and allows you to stay active while also having a great time with friends.

COVID-19 has allowed for people to find new, innovative, and creative ways to stay active. Exercising is great for not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Creating a routine with these types of activities everyday is helpful in relieving stress and having fun while indoors.

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