How to make a comfier room

Rose Gottschalk (TheLorian)

Since it’s the beginning of the semester after a long break at home, it’s easy to get hit with homesickness very quickly. In this situation, making your dorm feel more like home can be vital to mental health and comfort. Here are five ways to improve the overall hominess of your room to make the semester go even smoother.

  • Lamp
    • The fluorescent ceiling lights can make the room uncomfortably bright and be at an awkward position on the ceiling. By bringing a personal lamp, it dims the room a little, but makes the room much warmer and therefore, homier. Buying a lamp is also such an adult thing to do and can you feel oddly accomplished.
  • Rug
    • Most dorm rooms have tiled flooring. These are cold and definitely don’t feel like home. By bringing a rug, whether it’s for in front of the sink or an area rug for the middle of the room, it can improve how the floor looks. Adding a rug to the floor makes the space seem smaller but much cozier, especially when light isn’t being reflected off the floor.
  • Curtains
    • This may seem bizarre for a dorm room, but rooms at home often have curtains. Adding them to your dorm can therefore create another home like space. These block out light and add a personal touch to the otherwise bland blinds. It can help improve sleep, as the sun won’t bother you in the morning, as well as give another personal touch to an area in the room.
  • Comfort objects
    • This is a little trick I learned when I studied abroad. By bringing at least one comfort object, you’re able to bring a little piece of home and comfort with you. Now this could be a blanket, a stuffed animal, or even a specific sweatshirt. By putting it on display or having it within your reach can improve how you feel about the space you’re in.
  • Wall decorations
    • These could be posters, paintings, or tapestries. By putting these up, it takes away from the bleakness of the white plain walls. Giving the room this personal touch will create a space that is more you and relate to your room back home. Hanging things up will be such a fun activity for you and can really help you express yourself.

Good luck with making your room homier!

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Rose Gottschalk is a copy editor for The Lorian.

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