Holiday season, activate!

Avery Wickersham (TheLorian)

The minute Halloween is over, department stores and neighborhoods alike explode into holiday cheer. Red and green décor is everywhere. Mall stores have completed their first phases of holiday floor-sets. Mariah Carey is now heard every other song on the radio. A flip has been switched, and while Thanksgiving is at the end of the month, it is now dubbed “holiday season.”

Students still have a lot to do before holiday breaks, but there are a lot of ways to spread a little holiday cheer:

  1. Decorate dorms/apartments: As mentioned in the “Friendsgiving” article in this edition, The Dollar Store is a great option to find holiday décor. It has cheap decorations for everyone to enjoy. One idea is to buy wrapping paper and ribbon at The Dollar Store and wallpaper dorm and apartment doors to make it look like a present. Another option is to find a small, fake tree at Wal-Mart and decorate it with roommates. Candy canes and ornaments will soon be available (if they aren’t already), so plan a day to decorate the dorms!
  2. Hot chocolate and movie nights: Movie nights are a popular college excursion, but this holiday season allows for movie nights to be more of a celebration. Make some hot chocolate, top it with whipped cream and a peppermint stick, and settle down with friends. Pick out some classic holiday movies and enjoy the time with friends.
  3. Donate: If students (or their families) have the financial capacity this holiday season, go out and buy a toy or two. Toys For Tots looks for donations every year, so this would be a great way to spread holiday cheer for children who are less fortunate. Donations can also be made for adults, too, at the Salvation Army. Additionally, if students know of other students who seem to be struggling, consider helping them out in any way possible.

The holiday season, while definitely commercialized, is a time to reflect and be grateful for those around us. Hold loved ones tight (as much as the COVID-19 regulations allow) and spend some time with the people that matter. The end is in sight, so keep up all of the good work. Happy Holidays!

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