Food of quarantine

By Ellianna Stine (TheLorian)

I think I speak for everyone when I say eating took up the majority of time spent in isolation. And if you disagree, you’re probably lying because you spent the online-school week binge eating Cheetos and Big Macs. No worries, I can’t judge because my eating habits were far worse. Imagine you’re standard three meals of the day but triple it to pre-breakfast, breakfast, brunch, snack, lunch, linner, dinner, post-dinner, and then, most importantly, dessert because, let’s be real, I had enough room after eight meals to shovel the entirety of the Death-by-Chocolate ice cream stash into my mouth at ten o’clock at night. But you’re not reading this article because you want to know my routine, you came here to find out what I ate. Well I’m glad you asked!

It all started with tomatoes. Yes, those delicious red spheres that are always caught in the controversial debate of whether they are fruits or vegetables. I’m sure tomatoes are still figuring it out too. Anyway, they were the focal point of every meal I had whether it was salads, pasta, omelets, salsa (obviously), burgers, or sandwiches. There is always a place for tomatoes. My family felt the same about the delicious fruit/veggie controversy. I remember trying to hoard all the tomatoes from my brother who would chomp on all the tomatoes in the supply like apples and having to begrudgingly watch my three-year-old sister pluck the sliced salt and pepper tomatoes I would prepare for pre-breakfast but not get to eat.

Because of my tomato-loving appetite, I thought it was a good idea to go on a diet. I wanted to try [key word: try] and be healthy. I had celery sticks with peanut butter, raw vegetables with veggie dip, but most importantly BLT’s. It is one of my favorite sandwiches, but I learned after I smothered mayo in every layer and stacked my sixth piece of bacon onto the sandwich that the diet wasn’t really cut out for me.

Most people have a go-to food of choice. Many will sip on their Star Bucks ice coffee for the majority of the day while others will go to crack open the frozen chicken nugget bag that sits in the freezer for the five-year old part of you to get nostalgic. As much as I can relate to the chicken nuggets bit, I had a secret guilty pleasure. Beef stew. But Elli, that is not tomato-based! Well you are darn right, Beef stew is a food that I can just pour into a pot and eat all four servings of the can by myself without any remorse, although my parents will question my sanity… and my gut.

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