FOCUS: Step Outside the Boat

“‘Come,’ he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus” (Matthew 14:29). How have you stepped outside the boat this year? Whether you are a first-year or a senior, Jesus is calling all of us to step outside the boat in one way or another. Yet, note that Peter is only able to take that step because Jesus first asked him to “Come.” One time, I was sitting by the Mississippi River and I really wanted walk on the water, no joke. Then, I didn’t do it because I was afraid I would fall into the river. I thought, “Wow, I must not have a very great faith or trust in Jesus.” Later that summer, one friend told me Jesus first has to invite us out onto the water. That made me feel better, but further reflection made me realize that we must find a balance in our lives. We just can’t do everything that presents itself, but we also need to have a sense of adventure and courage to step outside our comfort zone and grow as virtuous men and women who can become saints.

What are you involved in? What are your priorities? Loras has a LOT of clubs and organizations. It causes anxiety just to look at the list. The more important question becomes, why am I involved? A lot of things are outside our control, but time is the one thing we do have. How do you decide to spend your time? What do you do on the weekends and how does that define you? What gives you joy? True, authentic joy that lasts. Last week, I offered the challenge to take time in silence with Jesus. Jesus wants to be in every part of our lives and He asks us to share that joy with others — that includes music and fun! There is this principle called the rule of exposure. Everything we are exposed to forms our mind and heart. Ultimately, as Catholic priest and speaker Fr. Mike Schmitz says, not only do we think about the entertainment we see and hear, but we learn to love it. This week, I offer a different invitation.

The Luke Spehar Concert is this Friday. Would you like to come? Luke is bringing his band from the Twin Cities, and they will be performing at 7:30 p.m. in St. Joseph’s Auditorium in Hoffman Hall on Friday, Sept. 29.

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