Finding your passion

In life, we all have different things we’re interested in. Some of us are passionate about sports, while others have a passion for the arts. Regardless, we all have something that helps define who we are. For me, that thing is radio.

Radio has been in my life since my freshman year of high school, and has had a significant impact ever since. I can remember trying to find something my freshman year of high school that I could get involved in, that would give me something fun to look forward to. One day, I spotted an ad for my school’s radio station and decided to try out. A few weeks after trying out, I found out I got a show. After that, the rest is history.

Here at Loras, I’ve had the chance to get back into radio. In fact, that happened just this past week. Being able to experience my intense passion for radio really makes me feel good. Sharing my passion with not only the Duhawk community, but the world at large is such a special experience. Without having radio as my passion, I don’t know who I would be. By finding my passion I’ve learned a great deal about sharing my passion with others.

One thing special about finding your passion is being able to share it with others. Sharing a passion with other people can inspire them to hone in on THEIR passion — to spark a light. How special is that? Having something like a radio show that can reach many people is a great way to share a passion.

When we find our passion, there’s a shift in our attitude. We have an extra pep in our step, and a smile on our face. Having something that helps define us gives us purpose. I encourage everyone reading this to really sit back and figure out what their true passion is. Everyone deserves to follow their dreams and soar, no matter what.

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Audrey Peterson is a writer for The Lorian.

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