Finding the “your-fit”

Kelsey Lansing (TheLorian)

Taking initiative and taking control of your life to obtain a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. The key is focusing on yourself and just finding what works for you. With those things in mind, moving forward with a healthy lifestyle can be a little bit easier.

Making little changes everyday can lead to forming habits, but they don’t form overnight, it takes time, patience and starting small. Someone isn’t going to go from doing no exercise to running a marathon. Personally, I have started small with things like yoga in the mornings and walks with my dog at night. By starting small, with these things I am making my goals more feasible and will work up as I go.

Exercise for some is largely about the physical element, for me and others, exercising is a way to move your body and help your mental health. The best thing to do is find the types of exercise that work for you and have a good variety. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are four categories of exercise: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. By doing a variety of these exercises, it not only reduces boredom, but it also helps reduce injury and improve one’s ability overall.

For a long time I thought exercise was going to the gym lifting weights or running a mile around a track or doing sit ups. I dreaded anything that resembled anything like exercise, but recently I have learned to love it. By knowing your limits and not feeling bad for being unable or uninterested in certain types of exercise, you can find what works for you. Find what you love and learn to love your body and it’s capabilities. Below are some of my favorite types of exercise and ways to get my body moving.

  • Biking was an unexpected one for me, but the more I learned about the benefits of biking, the more I was interested. In an article published by Healthline, they list 11 benefits of biking.  These range from weight management to mental health impacts, but it also can improve your overall physical health. Biking can also help control blood pressure, decrease risk of a heart attack or stroke, and can overall be a healthy hobby. The key for me was finding the right bike, someone to ride with and recognizing the benefits. (Endurance and strength)
  • A simple, but effective way to move your body is simply by walking or jogging. This may seem obvious, but simply moving your body in either of these ways can be extremely beneficial. With many people working from home or attending school online, getting out for a walk has not only physical benefits but also mental benefits. In an article from NBC News, walking can alleviate things like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease. The list can go on and on, and for some people, like me, heavy workouts just don’t seem appealing. Seeing that walking can have just as many benefits is a good feeling. (Endurance and flexibility)
  • Yoga is so much more than stretching and has such a large variety there is a little something for everyone. Almost every morning I try to do some variance of yoga to stretch my body and regain control. With such a wide range of poses, yoga also has a wide range of benefits. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine yoga can help improve balance, relieve back pain, lead to better sleep and give you more energy. (Strength, balance, and flexibility)

The above exercises are just a few of my favorites, the key to putting yourself first is finding what works best for you. Apart from that I have found that following along to videos, having a buddy, or evening finding a podcast to listen to, has helped me reach my goals. Set goals you think are feasible and keep working your way up. Just keep in mind that not everyone is suited for certain types of exercise and that’s okay. Focus on yourself and keep moving forward.

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Kelsey Lansing is the Excecutive Editor for The Lorian.

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