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By Marion Edwards (TheLorian)

Sweater Weather, pumpkin carving, and scented apple cider candles are all common things that we associate with fall. A season that many people look forward to for its many fun activities and family gatherings is a bit different this year. As COVID-19 has changed how we interact with each other and our surroundings, having fun, staying warm and staying safe is a challenge. 

As October, the spooky season passes, cold fall winds slip through the cracks of your dorm rooms or homes. As a chill runs up your spine, you think, ‘where is that cold air coming from?’ As fall winds settle in, here are a couple of tips to keep your space as warm and cozy as possible:

  1. Curtains and rugs. Using rugs to cover up your floors can be very helpful in keeping your space warm and cozy. Most heat loss can come through your floor, so covering the floors is one of the first steps to keeping cold air out. Curtains stop cold air from seeping through the windows but also allow the sun to heat your home.
  2. Closing all unused rooms. Rooms that aren’t used within the house can prevent proper air circulation and consume much of the heat throughout the house. Closing all unused rooms within your home can be a life changing step towards keeping your home warm.
  3. Light some candles. During the fall season, stores often have a variety of different candles to choose from, with various scents to keep your house warm and smelling good. Make sure to place candles out of the way of furniture or other flammable things within the house. 
  4. Stop air leakage. Many windows claim to be all weather proof but that doesn’t stop cold air from finding its way into our living spaces. Making sure that windows are insulated correctly is very important. If insulation is not an available option at the time, using old towels to cover the bottom of windows and bottom of doors can prevent unwanted air leakage. 
  5. Dress in layers. Lastly, dressing in fuzzy socks and big sweaters not only dresses you for fall festivities, but for the cold winds that come with it. Wearing long sleeve shirts, turtle necks, and tank tops under your sweater can help prevent cold air from seeping in.

With much interaction limited due to COVID-19 and cold air keeps people indoors, there are many safe activities to do from the comfort of your home or dorm room with close friends and family. Here are five ways to stay socially distanced and have fun:

  1. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards. As many COVID-19 guidelines suggest outdoor over indoor activities, pumpkin patches and apple orchards can be fun but safe activities to do during the fall.
  2. Making new treats. Keeping our bodies warm not only means wearing the proper clothing but also fueling our bodies with warm foods. Popcorn balls, apple chips, homemade donuts, and sweet potato cupcakes are all different dessert recipes that you can enjoy.
  3. Camp out. Staying indoors is fun but also can be very tiring. Having a campfire safely outside of your home with family can be a fun way to change the scenery. Telling scary ghost stories or retelling family memories can be a great family bonding experience.
  4. Pie bake-off. Whether you know how to bake or not, attempting to create apple, blueberry, or sweet potato pies can be a sweet way to stay full and satisfy your sweet tooth. 
  5. Writing ‘thank you’ cards. The word ‘thank you’ can oftentimes be lost in our daily communication. Writing thank you cards to those who care for us or support us can be a great way to show your appreciation while also adding a little warmth to someone’s cold day. 

With fun fall activities and Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people look forward to safely being around their friends and families for the month. During this time, wearing your mask and social distancing can be the most effective way in stopping the spread of COVID-19. As exciting as it is to see family, safety is the top priority.

Stay warm and entertained.

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