Endings and beginnings

It has been famously said that when God closes a door, He opens a window. This saying reminds us of God’s great plans for our lives that can sometimes take unexpected turns. It also demonstrates that every ending is, in fact, also a new beginning. We are reminded of this daily, as one sunset always leads to another sunrise. This time of year, as the Seniors receive their degrees and end their four-year -long time at Loras, endings and beginnings are apt to be on our minds even more so than usual.

Different students receiving their degrees have different paths ahead of them. Some may continue studies at a graduate school, while others may launch themselves directly into the workforce. Everyone has their own unique story, but it is important to remember that we all fit into the far greater story of humanity and salvation.

When we look at scripture, we can see many examples of how one person’s life changed drastically to play a greater role in God’s plan. Joseph, for example, had an abrupt end to his home life as his father’s favorite son when his brothers ambushed him and sold him into slavery. His time as a slave ended when his life as a royal councilor began, all to lead up to him having the power and knowledge to save people from a terrible famine. Another example is Moses, who went from being a prince in Egypt, to a shepherd for 40 years in the desert, to being a prophet and leader of God’s people.

The Apostles also had their lives changed when they answered Jesus’ call to abandon their previous lives and follow Him. Ultimately, the Bible ends with a foretelling of the greatest end/beginning—the new heaven and new earth that will come into being at the end of time. Remember that we all have out parts to play in this grand scheme of things, and what we each choose to pursue in our lives, whether we are undergrads, newly graduated, or long since passed that time in our lives. All of us have many ends and beginnings still ahead of us.

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Daniel Charland

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Daniel Charland is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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