Crystals: A pocketful of luck

Avery Wickersham (TheLorian)

Crystals have a long history of use. They’re not just to study or observe; there are so many other uses that civilizations have introduced: protection, health, luck, and even clairvoyance. Like other beliefs, crystals are meant to be used with a purpose.

In Ancient Egypt, “lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald, and clear quartz were used in jewelry as well as grave amulets, while grounded lead ore and malachite were used as eye shadow” (Holistic Healing Therapy).

Both lapis lazuli and turquoise are shades of blue, but lapis is a very deep blue. Carnelian is more of an orange, while emerald is green. The colors of each of these crystals are so vibrant, similar to the beliefs of the Egyptians in the crystals. Many of the other ancient civilizations, like India and Greece, had crystals that they used within their belief practices as well.

As one can see, crystals have a strong tie to spirituality. Spirituality centers around a deep sense of the self, and many people who believe in the use of crystals are also in tune with their chakras. Chakras are seven spiritual zones in the body, from the crown of the head to the base of the spine, and are associated with different body, mind, and spirit connections.

According to Love and Light: “By placing crystals on the chakra centers, the healing vibrations given off by the stone will correct any imbalances within the chakra.”

For example, the heart chakra is the fourth chakra up from the base of the spine. The heart chakra can become blocked or unbalanced by emotional distress or illness (Rocky Mountain Oils). Green aventurine, rose quartz, and emeralds are recommended for healing because of the color vibration (Love and Light). Emeralds and green aventurine both boast a rich green shade, which correlates with the green color representing the heart chakra.

Dubuque has its very own crystal center: The Center of I Am. It is located off Dodge and Cedar Cross Road, and the store boasts a large collection of crystals. In fact, the whole back wall is completely filled with more crystals than can ever be imagined. If interested, go to the back, right-hand side of the store to find little mystery bags of crystals. This is a good way to get started, as the bag runs for $6.50. Some individual crystals in the store range from $2-$15 and some of them are even more expensive. For college students on a budget, the mystery bag is a good way to start.

Crystals are going to reflect the energy given to them, but they are also a nice thing to keep in one’s pocket like a worry stone. Do a little research, check out The Center of I Am, and see what crystals are appealing!

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