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Avery Wickersham (TheLorian)

Thanksgiving is approaching fast! Soon, families will be gathered around the table or centered in front of the T.V.—however one spends their holiday. Before going home for the break, try a “Friendsgiving” with friends made over the semester.

Friendsgiving is a simmered-down version of Thanksgiving, and it’s often hard to have one in college because of a lack of access to kitchens. The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought its challenges, but students can find solutions in this article: 

  1. Instead of traditional Thanksgiving foods, use Friendsgiving as a potluck. Bring all the favorite dishes to the table, whether it’s a bowl of Cheetos, chips and salsa, or brownies from the local store. This allows everyone to contribute, and it’s easier for people to find other foods they like at their Friendsgiving.
  2. Decorate common areas (or kitchenettes, depending on the housing) with décor from The Dollar Store. The Dollar Store is a great option for all holiday decorations in college, and they often have a lot of relevant and cute things. Find a plastic turkey, some fake flowers (they also sell glassware for a vase), and other “autumn” decorations to set up the eating area. Don’t forget to keep masks on in all the common areas unless everyone is eating.
  3. If the weather is nice, find a place either on campus or around Dubuque to have a Friendsgiving picnic. Eagle Point Park has picnic benches and beautiful views. Pack up a couple of cars with the aforementioned potluck foods, a blanket or tablecloth, and some silverware and enjoy the fall weather with great friends and beautiful views.

Thanksgiving break is a necessary time for all students. Every semester since the COVID-19 pandemic started has boasted its own set of challenges, but keep pushing forward. If students do participate in any Friendsgiving celebrations, be sure to follow all campus rules, including masks, as well as clean up after the event is done. Have a great holiday season!

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