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Support systems. They are invaluable. They are able to help us succeed and be the people we want and deserve to be. Whether it be chatting about life when down in the dumps or celebrating after a major accomplishment, people in our lives have a key role to play.

Lately, I have been reminded of the importance of having a support system. We, as humans, want to take on all of the demons of life alone. But sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact that we can go to other  people , and need to go to other people when things are tough.

These are the elements that makes a good support system; they can also be used as a guide on how to be a good part of other people’s support system.

1. Check in: We all know the feeling when someone checks in, and asks how we are, we get the fuzzy feelings inside. Someone cares. It is always important to check in to make sure the person is okay. I know from personal experiences that when a friend checks in, it makes my day, especially when I am not doing so hot. That just shows the person really cares and wants to be there.

2. Laughter is the best medicine: Sometimes, all someone needs is a laugh. Tell them a joke, or a funny story. That can make all the difference. I have some pretty funny friends in my life, and when they make me laugh, it usually makes my mood go from nothing to sky high. When I am having an especially tough day, I really appreciate funny people in my life.

3. Keep your promises: If you say you are going to talk to someone, keep the promise. Nothing hurts more than a promise being broken. I try to keep all of my promises, but when I know I am unable to keep them, I always tell the person and reschedule.

4. Phone calls and texts: Like stated before, check in. Just a simple phone call or text can really change the course of someone’s day. Even if it’s just “have a great day” or “hope you know you are loved.”

5. Just be a friend: Friendship is the best. Having someone to confide in, or to go do something with, is so much fun. Without friendship, life would be very dull and not as exciting.

These five things can have a major impact on how people perceive their support systems. If there are certain parts of support systems that are not in a good spot, it can really make a person upset because they feel like that there is no support. We all deserve strong support systems and if we have these few key ingredients, life will be all the more easier to deal with.

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Audrey Peterson is a writer for The Lorian.

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