Benefits of bullet journaling

By Calasandra Spray (TheLorian)

College can be overwhelming at any time, but during the COVID-19 pandemic stress and worry have increased. There are many ways to keep stress off the table, and one of them is bullet journaling.

What is bullet journaling? It is equal parts day planner, diary and written mediation. It is a flexible log of daily life, thoughts and goals. Having a place to write down thoughts can help get them off your mind. A regular journal is excellent for this. However, if sitting down and writing things out in a cohesive manner becomes a struggle and stresses you out, it loses its effectiveness. Bullet journaling is a great solution because stray thoughts can be added without having to provide context or other information. Bullet journals can also be great for jotting down assignments, personal tasks, as well as other goals. Flipping through them, it can be easy to see to-do’s, the patterns of day-to-day life, as well as documentation of what you’ve been thinking.

To start your amazing bullet journal, it is good to make an index page. This way you can have a key handy to navigate the contents of your journal. Different colors or symbols can be used to indicate tasks, events, appointments, notes, ideas, deadlines, etc., and they can also be used to indicate whether or not tasks have been completed, moved, canceled, or still need to be done. You can also include a key for the full year, and delegate goals to different months so they feel less overwhelming. Monthly logs that allow the user to view a closer snapshot of their lives can be created as well. Even more specific, weekly logs can be created. There can be particular sections of the weekly logs left open for those diary components and stray thoughts/feelings. Another way to document thoughts and feelings in a bullet journal is through a log. Sectioning off a page where you can color in sections every day and scoring to a mood chart can be very helpful when trying to understand emotional trends. Other collection pages can be made with movie lists, books to read, as well as many other things.

Creating a bullet journal can be as much an expression of art as you want it to be; it can be colorful and decorative, or it can be black and white, similar to a day planner. The benefits of choosing a bullet journal over a day planner are that it is completely customizable, allows for artistic release, and doubles as a journal and life tracker.

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