Antioch: A personal invitation

When I hear discussion of the Antioch retreat, I can’t help but smile. Having never gone on any kind of retreat before Antioch, I was hesitant to suddenly embark on a weekend away from campus with a bunch of people I barely knew. But I just felt a nudge that this was a good idea, and a bunch of my new friends were going, so, I figured why not?

This turned out to be a great idea since I left Antioch as part of a great community. I left campus on Friday excited for my new experience because all I knew about retreats were that they were time away for you and others to work and think about a certain subject. In the case of Antioch, this weekend was going to be spent on faith. Now it’s not all super holier-than-thou-you-sinner stuff, but there might be some things you’ve never thought about before when it comes to faith.

One of my favorite things about Antioch is that no one claims to know all the answers. Sure, you hear talks from fellow students about their faith journey, and there are group leaders who help with discussion on topics, but what is always reinforced is that we’re all human. No one is a perfect Christian. That’s one of the beautiful things about Antioch; we’re all just trying to help each other become better Christians. There are some experiences on this retreat that are pretty powerful for some people, but if your world isn’t entirely turned on its head, that’s okay too. Everyone experiences Antioch in a different way. I believe that it really makes you think – not only about your physical life but your spiritual life as well.

If you’ve seen the poster and brochures around the ACC, I highly encourage you to grab one and sign up for this great retreat. If this is the first you’ve ever heard of Antioch, I also encourage you to sign up. I’ve heard nothing but positive stuff about this retreat, and I hope you do, too. Applications are due this Friday, Oct. 27 – so sign up today! Consider this article a personal invitation – tell ‘em Sarah sent ya.

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