What Do You SEEK?

Maybe you have seen a flyer on campus, seen a missionary running about, or heard another student talking about SEEK. But what is SEEK? And why do you keep hearing about it?

To get to the bottom of this, I scoured across the globe, traveled to strange lands and then turned to the missionary next to me to get answers. What is SEEK? SEEK is a conference put on by FOCUS  (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) that happens every other year. This year it is Jan. 3-7 in San Antonio, TX. But who will be there and what will they do? Tons of college students from hundreds of schools (and by tons I mean over 10,000). Fabulous speakers. Cool artists. Amazing worship. Five incredible days. One extraordinary adventure. How’s that sound?

SEEK isn’t your typical conference. It’s the start of a journey. This January, come join FOCUS and thousands of your future new friends for inspiring talks, awesome entertainment and one unforgettable experience.

But I’m paid to say this, so here’s a Duhawk that’s been there and wants to share it with you.

“My time at Seek was transformative and truly a blast. Through the Masses, prayer, talks and conversations with other students, I was set on fire with the Holy Spirit. Getting to see the virtue, devotion and joy in the thousands of other students was special, too. Conferences like these can ignite or reignite our love for Christ, and it reignited my love for Christ in a very real way,” said junior Ben Valentine.

For more information go to Seek2017.com or send an email to mikel.hogan@loras.edu.

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