What Christmas means to Duhawks

On the first day of Christmas, senior Patrick Costello decided that Christmas is all about “celebrating Christ’s birth in the warm and comforting atmosphere of home.”

On the second day of Christmas, junior Brody Tupy definitely agreed that Christmas is all about “spending time with family, celebrating the birth of Jesus.”

On the third day of Christmas, senior Tino Mahomva said that Christmas is “a time to spend with family, give thanks, and acknowledge friends and family that have been too good to you in the past, even if you haven’t seen them for a while.”

On the fourth day of Christmas, first-year Buddy Martens offered the same opinion that “Christmas is all about the presence of family and friends, being together.”

On the fifth day of Christmas, junior Molly MacDuff shared her view: “To me, Christmas is an opportunity for us to cherish and celebrate the ones around us—family, friends, teachers, and mentors—who impact our lives on a daily basis and make us who we are.”

On the sixth day of Christmas, senior Skye Miller said that “Christmas, to me, is a time of the year when people who love each other put a pause on their daily lives to show that love directly through travelling home, giving gifts, and spending quality time together.”

On the seventh day of Christmas, senior Nadir Morgan said simply that Christmas is “a time to take into account how much we give to others.”

On the eighth day of Christmas, sophomore Kylie Holubar thought hard and said: “Christmas, to me, cannot be defined in a single sentence nor word, but to name a few: it’s sitting around the dinner table, eating my mom’s homemade manicotti, and being surrounded by family, laughter, and pure happiness.”

On the ninth day of Christmas, sophomore Morgan Minear offered her viewpoint of the holiday: “To me, Christmas is a time to not only get together with my family, but to enjoy that time to the fullest possible because it is so rare and precious to me.”

On the tenth day of Christmas, senior Alex Kruse had some different thoughts to share on the Christmas season, noting that “Christmas is a celebration that has been profaned by the economic system in which we live, and has ridded itself of many of the elements that were worthy of being celebrated. On a personal level, Christmas allows my family (a family of workers) to enjoy each other’s company and to focus our relationships.”

On the eleventh day of Christmas, senior Davis Dahlberg decided that “Christmas is a time with family and to reflect on God’s grace and blessings as we receive presents simply because we are part of a family.”

On the twelfth and final day of Christmas, junior Luke Pranger said Christmas is “a time of joy for family together and remember the greatest gift given to humanity—the birth of Jesus Christ—and how God loved us so much to give us his only son to save the world.”

And after the twelve days of Christmas had passed, all these thoughts were taken into account and summed up by senior Sloan Neuzil’s opinion of the Christmas season: “Christmas is more than just the beautiful, snowy sights and cherished traditions that we all look forward to during the winter season; Christmas is the magical moments shared with family, friends, and strangers that convey selfless hope, compassion, and love just as Christ intended.”

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Audrey Miller is a writer for The Lorian.

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