Ways to use paper… besides reading it

After reading a newspaper, it becomes a thing that begins to take up space. As college students, we know how important it is to utilize our space in the best ways possible. So once you read The Lorian, think twice about ditching it in the recycling. Here are 11 ways to use a newspaper besides reading it.

1. Paper Airplanes: Quite honestly this is probably one of my favorites. My roommates and I tried this a couple of weeks ago and ended up having a paper airplane war. After the war is over, don’t throw them away, just throw them somewhere where your roommates will find them… eventually…10/10 recommend.

2. Toilet Paper: Slightly awkward, but as we all know, college students are on a tight budget. This will help you save a couple of bucks here and there. Layer for your preference of thickness. Just keep in mind what’s more important: food or toilet paper?

3. Starting a fire: It’s cold and let’s be real, it is nice to be warm. Now I am not suggesting you use it to start a fire indoors, that would be absolutely ridiculous.  However, if you are outdoors and want to have a bonfire, do it. As a plus, you can watch your least favorite articles BURN to ashes.

4. Door-stopper: Again would recommend this one, if for some reason you can’t find the little wooden door stopper somewhere, grab a paper, fold, and stuff it under a door. It works wonders. 8/10 recommend.

5. Hats: I mean who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashion paper hat?  You may need to Youtube this one but hey it still is fun! Men in the 1800’s used to wear these to protect their hair. Let’s bring it back!

6. Paper boats: Another throwback of sorts and another one you may need to look up. It’s cheap and fun. Gather your friends and start paper boat races. Keep in mind these could be lifesize or just for your Polly Pockets.

7. Wrapping Paper: Christmas is right around the corner and this may leave many of us in a pinch for getting all the gifts wrapped. But don’t fear, the newspaper is here. Wrap it once for the asthetic, wrap it twice to keep it from ripping, and wrap it again just to annoy the person who will open it.

8. Place-mats: Don’t waste money on fancy placements, just use a newspaper and toss it afterward! Less cost, and less mess! Bonus if you laminate them.

9. Protect your floors and tables: Although pumpkin carving season may be coming to a close, it is starting to get colder. Which means more indoor time try getting crafty with things like painting or paper mache.

10. Scrap-booking: Go old school and try scrapbooking. You can do anything from old pictures, favorite memories, cards you received, and so on. The possibilities are endless and you get to be creative. Use the articles from this year to commemorate your year at Loras.

11. Rags: If you make a mess and you don’t have a paper towel or anything, try using a newspaper. It’s a cheap alternative!

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Kelsey Lansing is the Excecutive Editor for The Lorian.

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