Warming up to Spring

By Brigid Flaherty

As we head home and prepare for online classes next week, midterm papers, projects, and exams will soak up Duhawks’ energy and attention. But there will be opportunities to soak up the sun a little more often.

The first weekend of March saw temperatures soar into the 60’s. Students around campus held impromptu bags tournaments, hammocked to enjoy the sun, and even sat outside to finish homework. Though schedules might be hectic, the sunshine can help clear away the blues left from the cold temperatures. Senior Morgan Muenster mentioned that the warmer weather gets rid of seasonal depression.

“It gives me more energy to be able to finish out this semester strong,” senior Syndey Reilly added.

Senior Shania Kelly, who appreciated the warm weather this past weekend by hiking, hammocking, and going for a run also voiced some concerns.

“I love that it’s this nice outside. It finally feels like spring, but I know that it shouldn’t be this warm this quick,” she said.

According to US Climate Data’s website, Dubuque’s average high for March is 44 degrees. Though the forecast calls for a few days over 50 degrees in the coming weeks, many have a forecast of upper 40’s and rain – much more common for March.

“A couple warm days aren’t a huge problem for me. However, we know that there’s less snow and ice coverage globally which will affect the earth’s temperature and sea levels,” said junior Alyssa Corkery. “I love hammocking on the ARC lawn and going for hikes at Swiss Valley, but I’m mindful of how my actions impact the environment. Companies need to make an effort to help the environment too.”

Corkery makes a point of utilizing reusable produce bags and glassware for storage to cutback on plastic, as well as recycling all she can. She also says that she’s most excited for upcoming spring produce such as watermelon, asparagus, and strawberries because she gave up meat for Lent.

“I’m thriving in this weather,” said junior Luke Pranger as he enjoys spending time outdoors.

However, one student lamented the warm temperatures. French exchange student, Sébastien Loreau, laughed and guessed that winter might finally be over – but he hoped for another chance to try sledding. Another French student, Adèle Grenouilleau, disagreed with Loreau by saying she likes the warm weather and senior Erin Brown echoed the sentiment.

“The warm weather is perfect for a walk downtown to some of the neat shops or even go on the Fourth Street Elevator,” Brown said. “It’s a great way to spend a Saturday or a Sunday.”

The streets of downtown Dubuque are lined with unique shops, cafés, and restaurants as unique and vibrant as the various murals that decorate the facades around town. Anything you can think of, these stores sell it — organic spices, Irish imports, homemade ice-cream, Midwest-themed T-shirts and caps, fair trade goods, and antiques. The Fourth Street Elevator climbs the bluff next to some of these shops and is open in April. At $3.00 for a round-trip, it is an experience topped — quite literally — by fantastic views.

As we deal with the health crisis posed by the coronavirus, remember that spring will arrive and there will be opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weather. The fresh air is good for you. Protect your health and those you love, and don’t forget the sunscreen as winter’s clouds fade away.

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Brigid is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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