Vitalos Unbound

By Josh Vogt

When you walk the lands of Vitalos,

You should not do so alone.

Bring with you a friend, companion, ally.

Be sure you are good and prepared.

For without proper protection,

More than your soul will be bared.

The Bukavacs wake after nightfall,

The great, horned six-legged frogs.

Larger than great uncle Francis,

They lurk both in ponds and lakes.

Do not allow yourself near them,

Or contend with their thundering croak.

You think this a trifling problem,

And think not of these dangerous things.

But you know not of the people that live there,

Conducting most magics obscene.

They walk all lines and often cross,

Into that place you must not go.

So beware the witches of Vitalos,

Though numerous they seem to grow.

Beware the dangerous wildlife,

As it will not beware of you.

Avoid the island at all costs,

Or be prepared for the most ultimate.

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