Vaccines? Look at the science.

Keegan Godwin (TheLorian)

As the “pandemic” rages on throughout our nation, the government’s push for these so-called vaccines intensifies. Despite claims for conspiracy groups like Pfizer, Moderna, the United States government, and the CDC, these vaccines are not safe for public use.

According to Randy (43, anti-government) on, getting the vaccine is equivalent to “putting that piss-water Busch Lite straight into your blood.” With his extensive research into the SARS-CoV-2 disease, which includes eight years of studying at the prestigious ITT Tech, it is difficult to refute that argument. To further support Randy’s claims, Karen (51, proud anti-vax mother of 3… now 2) commented under his post arguing “The government is KILLING US WITH THESE VACCINES. It’s all a hoax made up by the Clinton’s and George Soros to control the population! #TRUMP2024”

We met with Karen to follow up on her claim, but she was unable to make a statement as she spent 45 minutes yelling at the 16-year-old waiter who did not put a lemon in her water.

With two legitimate sources both claiming the vaccine is unsafe, it is time we start rethinking our stance on coronavirus.

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