One word to describe rapper Andy Mineo’s new album would be uncomfortable. Not only is that the album’s name but also the lyrics are hard-hitting enough that it is clear Mineo does not care about catering to a certain group of people at all. In an interview with MTV News, Mineo describes that “trying to learn how to embrace discomfort” was a motivating force behind his new album. He goes on to say, “I wanted to push the limits and the boundaries … and try to find a new sound … and I know that innovation comes at the cost of failure,” specifically in regards to his new album “Uncomfortable.”

With that being said, I firmly believe that all the tracks in the album have a similar sound but are constructed in extremely different ways. It is evident that he is in the process of locking into his sound, and he himself said “my sound is changing.” The songs that I believe Mineo successfully finds his sound in are “Uncomfortable,” “Desperados” featuring Mali Music, “Rat Race” featuring Jon Bellion, and “Vendetta.” These four songs stand out to me because they seem to bridge the old Mineo with the new. They contain a blend of slow and fast beats. The best way to describe them would be a R&B background with a forefront of rap verse that actually contains things worth saying. These songs push the listener to think about society in a different way, like when Mineo raps in “Vendetta” that “‘Pac did a lot more for me than Barack” in reference to Tupac being more influential in his life than President Barack Obama. He also makes sure to tie in his Christian roots while still being able to have his music classified as secular hip hop/rap. In the song “Uncomfortable,” one of the verses is “I try to point them to the Son, but why they calling me a star”, which is a reference to Jesus, the Son of God. The main impact that Mineo’s beliefs have on his rapping career is that he wants to have a legitimate sound to counter the idea that vulgarity makes for good rap. In his case, it clearly does not.

The slight issue I have with this album is the fact that a lot of it sounds more like R&B than just straight rap. When I think of rap, I instantly think of fast, solid beats. While many of his songs did contain the beats I was looking for, a lot of the time they were cut off either by a transition into a slower pace or overshadowed by background vocals and instruments.

Although Mineo switched up Uncomfortable comparatively to Neverland or to Superheroes, he is an artist that I would encourage everyone to continue following to see where his career as a rapper leads. One can only expect good things to follow this album.

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