Trevor’s Walk

By Josh Vogt (TheLorian)

Trevor walked the same path every single day, and he was frankly sick of the damn place. Up out of bed, over to the sink to wash up just a bit, then out of the room and into the kitchen to nibble on what little he kept in the house. Out of the house, after managing to stumble into clothes and boots on the way there, not even really paying attention to it all anymore. There was one day he even forgot pants and went several miles before he noticed.

He lived three miles outside of town, where he worked, and so every morning he made the same trek into town, saw the same boring green fields stretched out far as hell in all directions. It was the same nothingness and distinct lack of possibilities that found him so very bored day in and day out, nothing to spark the imagination quite as he wished.

Growing bored on this walk as he always did, Trevor forced himself to try and find something new in the fields around him. Perhaps an animal moving through, or a person walking way out there for whatever reason. Anything was better than staring at the fields of green void before him for another hour or so.

That’s when he saw something, in his half-awake stupor, rising up out of the fields before him, at what felt like the edge of his vision. An impossibly clear rainbow rose up into the sky, pointed right at him. He could not see the other side of it behind him, and upon looking straight upwards into the endless blue, he saw it coming right down onto him. This was impossible. How could one end of the rainbow be himself? He couldn’t feel anything different, after all.

Staring in awe before himself, Trevor moved at a rapid pace towards the other end of the rainbow in need of answers. It seemed to move away from him further and further. He felt like he would never really catch the damn thing, and began to grow frustrated. He chased the rainbow as fast as his legs could carry him, but eventually grew quite tired, dropping to the ground in a heap of exhaustion.

As he looked around for any sign of the rainbow, he found that it had entirely disappeared, no longer over his head. He searched for the road he had come from but could find no sign of that either, having run somehow so far from it as to lose it altogether. Suddenly, and far too late, an old tale his mother used to tell him came back to him, of the Fae luring men and women way out into the fields with strange illusions, taking them into their wild realm, never to return.

As he rested there for a moment and thought on this, a sort of rainbow appeared once more, but this time a mere five feet from where he stood. There was a large rainbow-colored formation, almost appearing to be made out of the mist, in a ten-foot oval, almost as tall as it was wide, swirling around an open center. In that center was an entirely different landscape, full of endlessly different flora from impossibly unique places, some that he had never even heard of before. It was simultaneously a jungle, forest, desert, and plains. An impossible mix of locales that should not be possible, but was more beautiful than he thought possible.

He knew this was risky, and he knew that this could either be a gift or a trick of some powerful and boring entity. It was either the thing he’d been searching for or the end he had been craving to the monotony. There was only one thought that crossed his mind as he stepped into this strange portal: “At least it’s something new.”

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