Toilet Paper Hero

By Amber Hamm

Walking through Save a Ton,

people running around in a panic,

their carts filled with

canned soup, oatmeal, mac and cheese,

 ice cream, frozen pizza, and Sprite.

No, veggies or fruits.

Just food that they can store in case of panic.

Oh wait they are in a panic,

the Coronavirus is taking over people’s

mindset, allowing them to buy in bulk

even items they don’t need like…..

toilet paper!

I walk through the toilet paper aisle,

so empty, so bare, and so sad.

No, I really mean sad!

People enter into aisle two,

look on the shelf,



comes across their faces,

making them want to cry,

they lost all hope.   

All of a sudden we hear,

“Attention! Save Ton Shoppers!

We got Toilet Paper yes we do!

We got Toilet Paper,

Meet you in aisle two!” 

“Woooo Hoooo!” people yell in the distance,

cheering as if their favorite football team just won.

People line up

in aisle two,

smiling, waiting, and excited.  

Then here she comes,

this tall, red hair woman,

pulling this big pallet

of toilet paper in the middle of the aisle.

Clapping, cheering, and gratitude

fills the aisle with joy.

She passes out the toilet paper


She is not just a Save a Ton employee,

she is their toilet paper hero!  

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Written By :

Hello, I am Amber. I love cats, movies, and hanging out with friends. I love writing poetry as well.

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