This v-day, Avoid the cliche: Embrace the cheese

The stores go from Christmas trees to red and pink hearts.  Flowers and chocolate go on sale.  And people begin to proclaim hidden true love; well, we hope. But it’s the same mushy, gushy romantic antics every year and it’s time for a change. So this year, try a little something different on Valentine’s Day to avoid the stereotypes of the Hallmark holiday and really enjoy the day of love, single or taken.

1. Be everyone’s valentine!  Instead of ravaging for a winter romance or not speaking to anyone but your significant other on the fourteenth, spread the love.  Your parents, siblings, grandparents, roommates, and friends would all love to hear from you and about how much you care about them. So send a letter, card, or a text just to let someone know you’re thinking about them.

2. Fancy dinners can be duds.  Expensive candlelit dinners complete with five courses and tuxedo-dressed waiters are so overrated these days. And honestly, what college student can afford them? You can talk just as long and have just as much fun at a Subway or HyVee Market as you would somewhere where you’d drop a few $50’s.  In fact…

3. Ditch the traditional date night altogether. Do something more exciting. Try heading down to the Mississippi River Museum for the Sherlock Holmes Clocktower Mystery exhibit, hiking the Mines of Spain, or a new culinary creation you found online. Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to know and research them. Make a photo collage of all the important people in your life. Craft day something. Whether you’re with friends or your boo, spice it up and try something new.

4. Save the bank. Why spend money on fancy cards that will get recycled or flowers that will die when you could put some love and effort into making your own V-Day tributes free of charge?  Pinterest is a great resource for card designs and crafting is a great way to relax and relieve stress.  And come on, will you ever actually reach your maximum number of prints?

5. Don’t forget the man upstairs. Treat Valentine’s Day as a second Thanksgiving to thank God for all the love He’s put in your life. Never hurts to score some points with the Big Man, plus the holiday is on a Sunday this year, so while you’re there…

Whether you’re spending the day solo, with some buddies, or a special someone, there are plenty of ways to liven up the tired traditions of stereotypical Valentine’s Day.  All in all, the day is what you make it. Shut down those crappy sappy Netflix movies and show someone how much you care.

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